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get paid what you are worth

 Our Mission:


get paid what you are worth.

It’s called ACUPROFIT.

Dr. Abby Miller, DACM

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Today is the day I say “YES” to getting paid what I am worth!


How much does it cost you to treat a patient? What is the “point of difference” between your clinic and the one down the street? The two most important videos you will watch this year.


We exist so you can “take back your clinic.”

We provide the solution to Acupuncturists who are frustrated due to a lack of time, lack of staff, or lack of finances.

ACUPROFIT removes clinic bottlenecks. It provides the framework to empower your clinic be what is was meant to be - a clinic that heals and generates profit.

ACUPROFIT seeks to free the Acupuncturist from the burden of “practice management” and teaches you the BEST way to get the “yes” to the care plan you recommend.

What do Acupuncturists do best? Heal people. Is there a simple system that allows you to be the healer and have work life balance? Yes! It is called ACUPROFIT.


I want more time

Do you want more time exploring, yoga in the middle of the day, or more time with family and friends? Do you want to spend less days of the week in clinic treating, and still be profitable? Our system, ACUPROFIT, is a solution for you.

Can this system help you maximize time? Yes! ACUPROFIT offers you the time to enjoy the big and little things in your life that mean the most to you. No more sweating the small stuff. Take control of your time and your time will take care of you!



get paid what you are worth

It’s not our fault Acupuncture schools taught us to discount our services. It’s time to break the cycle of what we have been taught. Discounts don’t work for us. Worse, they actually work against the patient getting the result they are seeking.

In the real world of rent, clinic supplies, staff salaries…, offering discounts amount to a zero sum profit.  

Sadly, even Acupuncturists who charge $90 a treatment, after overhead expenses, are below making minimum wage. It is time that you treat your patients on your terms, your days and per your fees.  

I believe we are highly skilled medical professionals who offer the best natural health care product in the world and should be paid appropriately for all the time we have devoted to training. We deliver an amazing product. It literally saves lives!



banish stress

With ACUPROFIT, you will no longer waste energy worrying about how you are going to fit in every patient who says they “need you.”

Say goodbye to your confidence being chipped away because a patient rejected your treatment plan.

You do not have to be exhausted anymore. No more being burned out and feeling like you have no more left to give.

Say yes to only that which fills your cup and creates steady joy in your clinic.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were skipping into yoga class instead of dragging yourself there? How about eating lunch, feeling resilient, and increased productivity because you are no longer overwhelmed due to jumping through hoops to accommodate a patient?

If you value waking up feeling refreshed, and being home with family before 6pm, ACUPROFIT is for you.


“ACUPROFIT was the answer to my frustration of spending TOO much TIME running an acupuncture practice. Abby made it so easy for me to learn. Step by step, she strategically works with you until you get it. Her class is the real deal.”

— Jungmin Choi, Acupuncturist